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Monday, 18 November 2019 16:06

13 Reasons Why - Review by VJ Nivedha

Written by VJ Nivedha
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13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why VJ Nivedha

13 reasons why....

I watched it in 2019 n I'm troubling myself to come out of it.
I'm not a teenager but still it affects me so much what should I say how would I start I don know, so heart wrenching. Kids, students at high school how they pass through their school life with so much pressure on them struggling inside don know who to discuss it with.

At that time all they need is a good friend yes friend is the person who they can say share anything in this world but what if they don't find a good friend or if they can't make good friends, they stay alone at school n that's even more worse sometimes they do stupid things to gain attention or to gain friends n still fail to a get good one then they ended up hating life but they have to know that it doesn't mean nobody likes them it means they are running behind wrong person or wrong direction.

All I think is these kids need somebody to talk with every schools need a counseling person for kids. This particular series I would have watched it in a day if I could yes that much impact it created towards me but I finished it in 5 days oh! yeah yes I completed 13 episodes in 5 days inspite of my regular routine I took every possible time to finish off this series.

We teach so many things to our kids but the most important lesson to be taught is how to treat another human being. Even a little thing we do is a big worse thing for another, especially these days cyberbulling which is so hard for these kids to deal with which can even make the person decide to kill themselves.
No no never suicide is a option or it can never be a solution but yeah even me as a kid and as a teenager thought of Killing myself for being body shamed at school yes that affected me a lot I'm afraid embarrassed never wanted to go to school. You can't simply pass through this series it creates so much impact on us yes so much I could relate myself with as I was a lonely kid at school people laugh at me I don know y are they laughing they themselves create a story of mine when there's no such story actually happened.

I'm writing this to make myself to come out of it but I want all teenagers and their parents to watch it, as it can really make a big difference. Coming to the making, it's awesome as it never preaches us anything or tells us just about the suicide or teen problem it makes us live the life of Hannah Baker yes it's her story, her ruined high school life told us In a very interesting screenplay makes u get out of series with heavy hearted and pain, the screenplay it's mixed up past n present scenarios which is shot in a way you forgot the whole outside world n you completely fell into this series.

Such a wonderful screenplay with cinematography lighting narrative style acting emotional connection with audience. It will be good if such a good stuff possibly be remade in our country according to our lifestyle n culture.

- VJ Nivedha (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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