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Founded in 2009 by ISR Selvakumar & Actor Solai is an innovative and creative production house.Now focusing on Independent film production, Web series and Life coach programs for aspiring Media enthusiasts.

Vithiyadi Naanunakku (2016)
ISR Ventures co produced this movie with L9 productions. The thriller is very unique with just two characters.
Yadena Katen (2021)
This movie is directed by ISR Selvakumar with freshers in the lead is ready for release!

The company is very proud to be a gateway for new comers aiming to create a content rich digital media. ISR Ventures are content creators, unbound by formats and methods of making.
We strongly believe in creating content that not only entertains, but fuels the imagination of the viewer and trigger them to think and discuss.

Our strength is value based story telling, strong narratives with quality production. We are passionate to have a ever expanding team of fresh story developers with a free flowing creativity, to develop them into audio-visual scripts.